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Materiality Number 1: BOOK (hard copy + digital)

The first issue of Materiality is all about the book—the materials that are used to make them, their structure and form, how we read them and what they mean to us. If you buy the paper version of the magazine you'll also receive a download link to a pdf version.

Read about: cookbooks, banned books & artists' books; paper, parchment & pop-ups; bookworms, broadsheets and the bookpocalypse. And much more!

It features fiction, non-fiction, poetry and photography by Sarah Caldwell, Shirley Cameron, Peter Casey, Gil Fewster, Caren Florance, Carolyn Fraser, Kelly Gardiner, Gracia Haby, Albertine Hamilton, Em Hart, Sally Hart, Mat Larkin, Mark Lawrence, Kirsty Leishman, Mike Lynch, Helen McPherson, Libby Melzer, Chris Miles, Ashley Ng and Anna Ryan-Punch.

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